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Maure Lord (AuerbachTontrager 2004)

   Axel Heinrich Menz, Dirk Deiderich, Ingo Muller to Jorg Schwickerath and Susanne Grosche is a unit group whose taking their looks over myths and folktales elements within thus Classic medieval and Neo-Folk Symphonic Rock deals such as in Morgan Le Fay, Barbarossa to ancient cult legends as being a modern melodic magic-ritual music meets experimental by the uses of rhythmic diverse variety of traditional instruments such as kettledrum, percussive devices, hurdy gurdy to glockenspiel or gongs; as Hekate the band driving their releasing album – this time the number three successful mixtures music-wise for Classic Folk tunes off Goddess. 

   Through the course of crete that some audience would loved to listen by the beauty mysteries as drown woman painting seems to be perfectly, describing thus listed repertoire via Morituri Te Salutant, Dance of Taurus, Montsegur as well as Ocean Blue or Break The Silence means that this third album really taste so European, medieval and magical in mid-tempo volume play.