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Matriach Us (Trancending Obscurity 2017)

   Death Metal and Doom Metal bashing each other via the displaying off re-emerging unique brand made by these Brazilian underground masking entity unit named Jupiterian as crushing encompassed and haunting both musical and aesthetic subtler delve retaining the Dark Ambient intensive contrasts for Atmospheric grinding growlers using six tracks written down aids not going to awaits for any of the light on days anymore as multiple darkness late years approaching in transcend as the audience might hearing whispered or see as the glimpse out behind thus riff-age slower heaviest and painful themed listing in six minutes and eighteen seconds for Sol calculations; Unearthly Glow goes over seven minutes more and even Forefathers moving restlessly threatening the ears of weaken people under the spells timing out for six minutes and thirteen seconds spreading like poisonous tides by the Sao Paulo crew in this Terraforming’s Sludge metallic tunes corroded and epical overused in serious business means openly from dimension of the outer limits – as above and so below reachable highest mountain top and sacred or the depth of mysterious underworld filled with secrets … 

Consisting of an alphabetical letter of mystery formats for V on guitar/vocals, R (bass), A on guitars and G for drums.