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Matador Duct Tape (Doomtree Records 2004)

   Don’t pick a filthy fight with the big nigga and his whitey bitch fighting days and night while they’re loving each other for the rest of their miserable life really portrayed through this debut rhyming tracks and attitudes in Hip-Hop or Gangsta Rap format recording led your philosophy onto interracial sexual relationship from Stefon Alexander and shared them thru many social media accounts both real or fictions as P.O.S as Leron fucked Emily Bloodmobile not as fiancĂ©e as conscious in non-messages sent within Ipecac Neat goes on and on over this releasing album filled with seminal Hardcore Rap to metallic tunes background samplings as Meth-Head vs McNugget or Hunger Pains Three, Sarah Silverman to Kicking Knowledge in The Face or Kidney Thief and Music For Shoplifting sees the urban types of problems and small crimes being held daily as your moment might crossing one of these track-themes produced P.O.S, MK Larada, Lazerbeak and Cecil Otter did well to mixed the Punk-rebels with Rap/Hip-Hop rhythmic tunes here in harsh environment.

Ipecac Neat: