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Married Body (Deathbomb Arc 2018)

   Messy hair in her curly spontaneous acts on stage didn’t meant that internalized liberation feelings over the carried good vibrant soulful voice of Lindsay Antonina Powell a.k.a Fielded won’t spoiling you to not liking her performance there as within thus woman finding stories in desire, curiosity or strength on relationship, fortitude emotions as well as sexual trauma experiences found the perfect exploration deeper to sounds and vulnerability and mournful intensity to compliments or childhood victim regrets as messages by the lyrics written and produced in this recording mix by herself towards the audiences. 

Hip-Hop/Rap and Noise Punk as Electronic experiments over fourth album - Drip Drip means something deep to Fielded to feel and melts via her telling story recording whilst retro sounds seems to gripping the solid vocals and bass performance in arrangements distinctively for contemporary futuristic and presence as being dedicated to all survivors, freaks and fighters from the voiceless listed victim of fate off man’s ego. 

   You would catching the phrases or choruses or even some poetic justifications over Baby Boys, Fix Ya, Set In Stone, Light It Up, Am I All as well as The Vow, Heart of Darkness onto Too Much Fire and Loving a Man You Can’t Touch did great jobs on describing failure relationship and sad pasts memories to some listeners – feeling guilty not to love their love ones. 

Drip Drip: