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Lunch Blue Sun (Bridge Records 1993)

Grab this and be a lucky emotional person whom would witnessing how Progressive acoustic Rock performance being delivers through the combinations of Folk Rock, Indie Rock and Symphonic Rock collaborations originally made well by Echolyn – an outstanding Philadelphia, Pennsylvania group written all the songs with guitars, lead and backing vocals and lyrics created or play by Brett William Kull, piano/b-vocals/autoharp and marimba to orchestration performed by Christopher Buzby as well as lead/backing vocals and lyricist Ray Weston; bassist Tom Hyatt and percussionist Paul Ramsey as additional rest crew musicians from cello player Nancy Sheehan or trumpet player Dorothy Cooper, violinist Jeffrey Myers and flute/clarinet/saxophone by Dainis Roman outpouring these sixteen minutes semi-acoustic of spring’s ensemble ideas of little quartet box set mastering culls exclusively endeavoring dreams and reality onto music project recording entitled … And Every Blossom.

Echolyn marking their gifted experience and harmony plurality vocals over melodic high techniques tunes and soften sounds perfectly can’t really arguable to listen and sophomore as three minutes of Bright Sides opens the album followed by Ballet For a Marsh in four minutes and thirty-two seconds which popularized through great piano plays and gentle vocals – fits for your last summer and the beginning of autumn cold evening wind tells us it’s time to reflects the past newly year prologue behind in wiser thoughts and drawn of hopes.

...And Every Blossom: