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Luna Nine (Moms Basement 2017)

   The Proton Packs not bring their ex-ecto-punks sounds but adding more street style, protesting lyrics and reality pressures piled out into regular Punk Rock not as sweet as The Ramones sounds at all. Not being those brutal seminal Hardcore fused explosions bringer of death to the opponents but more about how these Siena/Arezzo quartet of El Leon, Blanco, Alex, Brodie and Matt cranking their sounds over Rock N’ Roll and Ecto-Punk attachment bursting things that little less wilder but never nice. Consliracy ’66 would far from romantic sounding record to those whom looking for bitter truth among our society nowadays and this is the package from Proton Packs to the world over man in black, abductions, rocket scientist and crazy plans theory written in lyrics of songs like Lockheed 71, Acid Test Gone Bad, Phantom Vision, Tin Foil Hat Man, Secret Handshake and Cold War Extravaganza did pretty much open minded for those whom clever enough on seeing the gaps to enter and seek the real news not the fake ones delivers to your family by television and emails !

Conspiracy '66: