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Lullaby Cocoon (Metropolis 2002)

Intense themed or beats relapsing thus adultery locust of time tunnel fast musical edge of verge that could gently causing hernia attacks over fat people dancing and head-banging with the background off Thomas Shear music through Assemblage 23 project in order of its next chapter releasing records number four via Defiance which means so corrosive to just let hanged there but processing your youth blender on audio performance that bursting EBM, Industrial and Synth-Pop culture realm towards your presence days demanding information like the re-born humanoid under the Electronic slavery saving batteries and modern technology reigns – everyday breathing and waited to be edited when your existence won’t necessarily being needed anymore by the machine.

Rules are made to be broken and these tracks comes with rebellious thoughts and ideas to spread and injected to infects you up over Blindhammer, Drive, Opened, Document onto Fallen Down or Maps of Reality – which little less reminder to us about the era reproduced for Depeche Mode and Goth-Electro to raising their ego again through the existence of Mr. Shear project of music beats.