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Lucid Terror (Independent 2018)

Signed onto depressions that leads to suicide under the symbols of Black/Doom Metal alerts that disturbing and distorts the existence of a duet – EB performing drums, guitars, bass and vocals with GS the keyboards player of satanic cult and many other groups ex-member before this; hailed themselves off Midland, Michigan to later moving towards Norway as liberating their beliefs to be possessing your stereo in the ambushed sessions of the new recording from …Under A Full Moon here within Visions of The Night. 

Dying girl victim floating by dark magic offering suffers the most as most of the captors and village people doing the occult-ism ritual welcoming the Devoured By Blackness, Depths of Misery, Horrid and Transcending to unknown Cosmic Dimensions works like a razor slitting your throat after the warm water ease the broken feelings by blinded lights and whispering ghastly chants. 

Visions Of The Night: