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Lucid & Liquid (Blowpipe 2013)

   Weirder would be a fit word on describing this Electro-Pop duo love to wearing animal masks on them to covering their identity as much works out fine for that; the Evening Rites (mini album) recording release from Big Hare doesn’t giving you any clue over revealing the true minds behind this project echoes and beat-pulse maker doing in their tracks but surely, the audience should rethinking about what the hell is Epileptic Mindset really stands for … the plastic surgery mocking tunes for imperfection stupids trying to look perfect or Headphones molesting the entire technology story of our modern advance for being non-socialized to each other anymore or even March hare creeps like thus front cover artworks tuning the best strange tinged of beats electro for the looney to head-bang over this millennium forwarded futuristic music match. 

Evening Rites: