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Lonely Waking ? (Bandcamp 2014)

   Reminding you off the old timer Soul Asylum; The Kursk is consisting for the trio musician rockers: Tim Labrie, Skyler Smith and Clinton Houseman and promising this full moon recording as one of their exact cooler sounding album in release as the band themselves written and arranging Arrow as simplicity perfect for listening companion for ten PM driving after dark or the weekend in Springfield, Missouri and your favorable Garage Rock meets Indie Rock meets Psychedelic Alternative Stoner or whatever you might wanted to call it well but eventually, catchy and popular like it is still the stopping moments for the mid of the nineties extracting point to let the moment encouraging themselves to be solved and ever changing life may forever becoming yours to take and give within the crossing limits and reachable goals through the tales from Laundry Martyr, Fade Out, Translate, I’m Sorry, Sex and Basketball as well as Sweeping Man and Ammonia Cake in tangential subtraction.