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Lock And Key (High Noon Music 2016)

Kali Phoenix given her soul-enigmatic debutant of Bristol produced recording with the written lyrics or music tracks mostly by L. Berry and D. Dubuison with T.S Haddon and Hundred Strong mixing as performance for the beats/keyboards/bass is by B. Dubuison, Evan Newman did the keyboards/bass play and Gary Alesbrook doing trumpets within this project soloist Kali Phoenix providing her poisonous spiritual delights vocals for Neo-Jazz, Hip-Hop, Neo-Soul and Downtempo Rap and instrumentals via Voices.

 As beautiful as sophomore unique and rare of retro-taste here over So Sweetly, Bolt From The Blue, Save Me, Washington through No Mistakin, The Old Days and Good Man being miraculously, a savior through your Sunday afternoon quiet times.