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Liberal Snowflake (Redroom 2018)

   Contemporary ignorance not to thinking over thus apocalypse events nearby in rather depressive Goth-Pop and Chamber musical alternative blends in mixture dragging by Matt Howden as usual being partnering with Sally Doherty as The Mighty Sieben project but here as Sieben only – our man denying that the planet will be definitely, shaken to its core but whether nobody shall going to extinct or survived; the choice to dressing out like a gentlemen while thus reaction sounds goes harmonically, erupts as seminal orchestral and Neo-Folk pleasure as well as Indie-Pop rocking the desire of science collaborates with beliefs and spiritual extractions as carried by the recording new frontier release from Sieben on Crumbs which might be the last. 

   Seems to be a paradox chosen filling in what’s left by Bowie behind did reflecting how Crumbs returning Electronic Alternative Rock back to the UK’s picking generated music match for the future as Coldbloods, Is It Dark Enough ?,Sleep Our Realm, 30p Opera, Sell Your Future, Post-Brexit Dreams of Albion onto Just Be a Lot Nicer and Forge a Better World designed to be released as spinal productions over the rare celebration of our double up over-population conditions that once again will terra-forming the earth; adding poorer families and filling rich-men’s table with precious things but we all dying.