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Lara Biggest (Ninja Tune 2018)

Existential from Berlin living spent or Frenchy Pop cultured of Montreal based production reflective Electronic and sequencer Synth-Music on documenting her own state of mind proving that Marie Davidson can working out the self-intuition project soloist recording on number four so far at the sphere of experiencing Dance Music realm as mirroring the arrays over her other talents in becoming writer, thinker or film-maker as some names also influencing her thoughts to do so. 

Reaction and poke fun through this build-up trajectory in non-commercial seductive licks about Dance-floor suffering honest may be caught inside the journey at The Psychologist, Day Dreaming, The Tunnel onto Workaholic Paranoid Bitch and La Chambre Interieure on kinds of intensive beats going steady to moving bodies but never craving consumption too much there for the skinny Working Class Woman figure and fusions under the Ambient constellation or minimalist Synth-Punk shaped of Coldwave jumps onto the solid bag and EDM/Eminem-based interpolation. 

Working Class Woman: