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Lament River (Metal Survivor 2015)

   Even some might blaming the open-casket to incoming dark figures kinds of horror, heavier Black Metal to goth-fantasy literature and Christianity-based music that forcing these Santa maria da Vitoria – Bahia crew of Dark Night whose crawling through the legitimate music crusher softer than the imitation of King Diamond finding back his lost faith for Christ or it’s just the popular commercialism reasons for Halloween activates this five-piece new congregation off Edy Guttenfly the lead guitars, Nocturnu Grave Digger on guitar/keyboards, Carlos Illuminati Hunter guitars, Lord Mad Max the drummer and Est Coachman on bass for the darker love and fanatic respects seems to be offering not for god’s church but the beloved horrific Mercyful Fate as the total fast double pedals meets high pitched howling vocals and more penetration lyrics closer to explaining the rest stories about Funeral Night’s Black plague, Phantom City, Gypsy Circus, Sleeping Forever and Little Girl or Whispers By Night which might either telling us about the danger zone off creeping terror by the evil incarnated on all hallow’s eve or brain-washing more young Christians to converting for Satanism etc remastered. 

You and the dying priest can together decided … 

Funeral Night: