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L’Accro Violeur (Unknown Records 2011)

   La Francaise lyrics and Ska-Punk regular rhythmic asking the audience to dancing following their beats productive creations is the lesser-known group comprising for vocalist/guitarist Maxime Gosselin, bass player Vincent Barbe Beauchemin, drummer Mathieu Leclerc-Plouffe, saxophone/backing vocals by Tommy Perrier and trombone/backing vocals from Andre Leblanc actual listed there as your musician ensemble serving their delighted modern and third-wave Ska-Punk Pop sounds within old Einstein looked alike familiar guy or colonel sanders cousin perhaps, palying the acustic guitar while the band rocking out as Les Skores plunging thus most French-crispy tunes such as Bonne Humeur, La Liberte, La Traverse, L’Amertume and Les Champignons and Maryjane within the eccentric jazzy and brass-ensemble over your favorable back-tunes as good as the English title-tracks alike Let It Burn but foremost yet you need the dictionary translation on Sans Regret or Pourquoi Se Faire Chier dipping sauce for classic retro and modern day Ska days-choices for those whom liked Voodoo Glow Skulls same like these Mont-Laurier team do. 

Les Skores: