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King Acrisius (WaterTower Music 2010)

   “There is a God in You” means everything to tell this tales of ancient mythology adventure action movie epic off Sam Worthington as Perseus – the son of Queen Danae and king of the gods Zeus just after the centuries of endless war in heaven between gods and the titans and divided the world for Zeus ruling the skies, Poseidon the seas and Hades took the underworld as the mortals human being created as well for their immortality fuel under faith and prayers but we questioning the higher presence soon angered the Olympians while a fisherman found a baby in a coffin adrift as the city soldiers destroying statues led furies to send down by the gods to destroying Argos. Perseus survived the vessel destruction being saved by soldiers address the continuity for this Clash of The Titans film with King Cepheus and Queen Cassiopeia celebrates their campaign against gods; basting their daughter Andromeda is beautiful than Aphrodite makes Hades wanted to exterminates the humanity by unleashing his monster creation Kraken unless Zeus tells them to sacrificing Andromeda but Io told Perseus about his past and he’s also a demigod.
   In order to kill Kraken, Perseus leads king army to Stygian witches seeking help and direction while Zeus showing his love to him by forging sword and winged horse Pegasus to protecting him as weapon against Calibos, giant Scorpiochs, getting helped from desert djinn while Io fell in love to Perseus on the journey. The soundtrack orchestration scoring music is also fantastic by the war-drumming and strings arrangements instrumental within Ramin Djawadi’s great works here writing the compositions about Medusa, You Can’t Hide From Hades, You Fall You Die, Written in The Stars, Bring Everything (But The Owl) helps Perseus severing the enemies, tamed the Scorpiox and even beheading the gorgon queen while his guards were all turning to statues inside the temple. Perseus needs to be quick flying with Pegasus to save Argos and Andromeda as the monstrous Kraken being released to diminish the city from the sea; creating giant waves and whirlpool and earthquakes by using Medusa’s head opening its eyes and immediately, turning the monster into stone, petrifies to crumbles. 
Hades is fury for not killing Perseus, sacrificing Andromeda or destroying Argos forced back to the underworld but Perseus choose to remaining as human refusing his godhood from Zeus reuniting with his true love Andromeda.