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Kill Your Darling (Blowpipe 2018)

   Amsterdam based cello player and contemporary musician with that threatening beard and face posing like a terrorizing midget there on his Jazz ambushed tempo rotations via Ontwaak album. One should closely dealing as well with his mortar human’s beatbox voices and Harald Austbo must be your unrecognizable studio artists whom cannot reluctant showing his works internationally – forged because of that Classics contemporary sounds farther from the word meaning of popular as well as the helping recorded by Boele Weemhoffand Kasper Frenkel within the design made from Red Bol while all the lyrics/arrangements and composing materials whole manage by herald Austbo himself. The ticking fingers and mouth bolster beating sounds impacts through the playing off Viking Kong, Wak and Bolly Blood Blouse. 

Liking opera voice tunes or different beats variety on a record deal ? 
Wanna try this ? 
Is there any reasons of why not ?!