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Joshua David Paul (Mason Jar Music 2012)


Hailing her good-looking presence out from the big apple city of New York and brings those shiny brunette hair, red lips and great vocals over Dear Love coming for three minutes and eleven seconds as you might looking over twice or more when passing through her beauty or listening over the catchy liking sounds of Pop Rock and Soul sounds with more dope, hurrahs and awesome comments over this performance from our beloved Rachel Ann Weiss.

As the girl herself performing guitars and most vocals as being helped by drummer/percussionist Jason Burger, Matt Porter on organ/wurlitzer/clavinet onto Dan Knobler playing electric and acoustic guitars while cello-player Char Prescott and trombonist Isaac Kaplan merely, combining the force performance through the saxophone/clarinet plays by Matt Chiasson. Part jazzy- rocking and clever moves performance vocals makes the recording fills your imagination and romantic chance to the bigger better levels alike the mystifies If I Wish, Rivermoon Romance, Undercover Lover and Maybe shall Carry You out the small pathetic world of feared dominance of men back as reclaimed by yourself as sunrise nerves gutted self-esteem creating happiness and stronger bond feelings among females whom proud about themselves. 

Dear Love: