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Jamais Assez N’aurai (Detriti Records 2018)

   Pop-minimalist in Synth-Wave dropping at Dream-Pop’s Russian duo as chilling waves carried in Electronic music produced into a retro-nudity skinny female figure having her orgasm attacks for good as inspiring the fashionable hits via Dmirty Gruber from his current location somewhere on Rostov-on-Don, Russia as Galatee is actually, not dark-haired but blondes and proving that their sexist sounds arousing tuned and monotone beats in between the coverage synthesizing electro that rocks for this third recording on Sanse Titre gets remaining uglier for those whom wanted to go for the quickie sex, forbidden unspeakable tests on virginity or even swinger partners within some strangers for the weekend which beaming the beauty face photo-shot causing the pulses touch over data for the millennial genre for compassing these record collective Synth-Wave Electro means Au Coucher Du Soleil, Une Danse Avec Les Tenebres, Des Peripeties and Ne Sois Pas Triste caught the density mirages imaginable advance touring by the captured sights thrown by this mysterious girl towards you and you being infected with lusty love. 

Sanse Titre: