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Innocent Glass (Inca House Collective 2013)

   Not so nicest quartet of the Denver, Colorado’s scenery in Dance-Punk music composed as Alan Andrews, Bill Threlkeld, Joshua Taylor to Mark Hawkins as naming themselves The Photo Atlas wisely, corporate the intensifying cultured talents in order for these rockers local independent to wrote down something good, powerful and catchy as fast crunch over this wisdom titled recording number two on Stuck In A Honeytrap which carries the truest dancing tempos and sounding freely courageous emotionally, not blissful but amazing to marking your steps in delivers the energetic tracks mixtures within the mastering Dominick Maita and the angst of the giant bear fearful to attacking the beehive but the colony fights back and makes life goes interesting like Dress Code, Bleeding Colors, Shakin’ in My Skin, Move It Darling, Screenplay and Memory Like a Sinking Ship gracefully, in tactical shall attracts more Indie Rock fans to having them for collections.

Stuck In A Honeytrap: