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Indian River (Bandcamp 2017)

   Bay Area’s nice catchy Alternative Rock in popular sounds unit that you might love to hear a bit and more within harmonic vocals and soft distortions aiming for the urban souls to listening fan-based altogether towards Sore Thumb’s Roy Orbison-style fusion on Pop-Punk and Indie Rock multiple best parts for decade of the new millennium and thus background taken off the 50’s and 60’s Surf-Rock to the 90’s Alternative Pop and Grunge within disparate bounced booty influences temporary party-goers and happy living by the re-telling sessions of their experiences musical blends and woman/children battles against red-faced evil men or the emancipation for the mid-seventies mature women in California via An Album By… portraying angry polar bears and conductor cat among those ten tracks like Perfect Apology, Suicide Mission From Hell, Eats Me in The Middle of The Night and Meltdown onto New Plan or Chicken Little really didn’t quite collectively tells all without ambiguity but the softest sided sounds there written might cheering up your cloudy day from time to time and hour to hour. 

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