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Imaginary Blur (Sony Music/Chess Club 2018)

Less anticipated good vibrant from the girl who lent her vocals for Avicii’s singled song and continues to mesmerizing local scene to perhaps, national interests which carries not relevant over Danish singer Karen Marie Orsted loves Yeah Yeah Yeahs or Sonic Youth but receiving first popular tuning music over Spice Girl cd makes this staging female figure known now as MO seems to getting matured and manage to producing her own written lyrics or songs in showcasing glitch Electronic, sparse guitars and sultry melodic vocals comparison to AlunaGeorge as anticipating record release for the next moves from MO – here collectively, doesn’t farther away in quality from your newest Pop-EDM artists inside this – Forever Neverland.

Go listening for Way Down, I Want You, Nostalgia or even Sun in Our Eyes, Mercy and West Hollywood really proves that her music should also selling more dollars in the presence of this talented Beautiful Wreck and Red Wine blending session of catchy voice over thus pleasure popular tunes.

Forever Neverland: