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Ikouyo Far (Magniph/Hostess Entertainment 2016)

   Latest issue coming straightly harmonies after several good releasing from this Shoegaze/Alternative Rock Japanese group named The Novembers which consisting over Yusuke Kobayashi on vocals/guitars, Kengo Matsumoto on guitars, Hirofumi Takamatsu on bass guitar and Ryosuke Yoshiki on drums performing the proclaimed branded of chosen sounds in both J-Rock and Pop tunes within idealism or melodic effects over Hallelujah as calling all the customers and audience whose already loving how they’re excessively did distortions and commencing efforts resulting the self-written echoes and anthemic modern-day era toasts and grooves through (Black Rainbow), (1000 Years), (Beautiful Fire) as well as (Wind) – all being translated or having English lyrics too in order. Put your pasts like the flowers onto the heart-shaped vast and beyond; don’t be hesitate not too enjoying this catalog off this seventh attempts. 

Do this group reminds you a bit about Muse ?