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Idk You’re Still (Self-Released 2018)

Naming this project as WaterGh0st really means cryptic just like the entire acoustic-tinged sounds production here even for those whom didn’t really listening to music info at all might realizing this is New York attributes about current stereotype in L.O.L  towards this composer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist for her six tension tuning songs non-directly, enclosing the harmonic creepy blends via Alternative Ambient/Goth Lo-Fi and glitches of Slowcore niche sounds in experiments together louder than just  a whisper with drumming beats and further licorice loved for walk the room while everybody isn’t there anymore in Learning To Be Alone that also showing a female lips looks like young Gia Carrangi or Ms. Jolie that needs to be guess or not. Bustling echoed and terrible sounding might comes within Twister, Another Person and Well Here We Are that produced the blur misty sessions of a girl’s ruined photo in front cover.

Learning To Be Alone: