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I Will Kill Again (Century Media/Prosthetic Records 2006)

   By the depicting of the beast predator over the band’s mighty image over thus priority tougher extreme Heavy Metal sounds available within the drumming performance from Tobias Kellgren, Mikael Goding on bass or Johannes Losback the guitar shredder and Niklas “Viper” Stalvind for the guitar and lead vocals of the Orebro, Sweden active metal-heads already caught many attentions from the heaviest metal magazines and fans following the collective solid and slashing sounds thrown out off their dark cave bursts the fear of epic battles and threatening magic lyrics experiences via The Black Flame as ruling Heavy Metal leads the pack to glory under the skull-displaying; stalwart bloody themes and terror by the anthemic night flight to symphonic curses trick commencing in between the chosen tracks repertoire such as Seize The Night, The Dead, Make Friends with Your Nightmares, The Bite onto At The Graveyard and Steelwinged Savage Reaper as Demon be driven your hearing sense head-banging sessions here as holy light departs and nothing sacred can holding on infected by thus green mists of death and destruction from the ferocious crew of - Wolf from the darkened god of ancient pagan worships.

The Black Flame: