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I Went Away (Self-Released 2011)

Along the way we met some musicians took a stage of the streets doing their Classic Rock tuning, donuts favors, burritos music and cuddling free-styling about family, pets and snooby coffee lyrics written by Jeremy Lyon (vocals, guitar, harmonica), Rob Fidel (vocals, guitar, banjo, harmonica), Patrick Glynn (keyboards, mandolin), Greg Fleischut (vocals, bass, guitar) and Nick Cobbett (drums) sectioning their performance from hometown – Oakland, CA as unsigned but brilliant to hear by many audience whom fanatic to oldie Psychedelic and Folk Rock blending. Mini album record by the self-titled in five songs reserved here by Tumbleweed Wanderers can easily catches your interest via Roll with The Times coming over four minutes and eleven seconds or Someday You’ll Understand out taking the three minutes and twenty-six on Americana music variable in harmonic vocals or melodies onto Indie Rock to Rock n’ Roll sounds of the dancing pagan girls nearby the edge of the forest and magical moment where music came tune in from the empty air towards your stereo is here playing awesome.