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I Stay Whisper (Big Crown Records 2018)

Beauties in girls format musical according to 79.5 (the group) consisting of these Rn’B unit from Brooklyn – NYC brought their cultural based not so cultural but contemporary mixtures with Soul-ful Psychedelic picnic sounds of the outdoors and covers startling means spiritual, prism, spakle, palms, kindness to transcendent and slower Disco beats in modern house intensive over Supremes, pristine vocals in harmony onto semi-latin beats merits within saxophones, jazzy tunes and mercurial imaginary stationed naming from keyboardist Kate Mattison delicates fender rhodes and her friends in mixed race and genders to releasing Predictions. 

One shall brought back through times where Black Music seemingly sophomore to be rising up as the new edition that people loved to performs and go jazzy with in underground pubs and clubs with friendly drugs and interracial touches started from the eye contacts to mouth to mouth spiritual connections in popular culture to getting solidify here as the band plays several famous names sharing stage like Q Tip to Kenny Dope to DJ Spinna and you yourself can listening to them via Facing East, Boy Don’t Be Afraid, Fireman, Terrorize My Heart which is their single did well and Sisters Unarmed may explicitly released the ideas messages link to feminism plus equality in good vibes etiquette Fantasy program music.