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Hurtin’ Paula (Related Records 2015)

   Led by the management of Argo F. Yerself – the band members of Daniel (vocals, guitar, harmonica), Steve (guitar), James (bass) and David (drums) playing their Garage Punk-Rock popular and the 60’s based tuning sounds for (The) Freaks Of Nature letting you listening their fully produced album before the world ended assembling the live musical and applies fun like the crowder version off Violent Femmes that being invited to teen beat magazine or grammy over the dishonorable mentioned as you loved to hear broken glass insdide the bar to the parking lot because the home band sucks is this moment to these Phoenix, Arizona team to blasting their furious energetic music for - Songs For Savages to luring people and forcing audience to dance crazy in front of the small stage where the group rocking with What’s The Use, C’mon N’ Dance, Don’t Blow Your Mind or even Wonder Why and Can’t Tame Me all the way onto make Me Crazy and Don’t Tease Me shall remains nutty your times for playing the button and let this band goes on dealing with mad mid-tempo big band brass rocking tutorial for the new millennium kids learning back about the Garage Rock days !

Songs For Savages: