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Hidden Currents (Bandcamp 2017)

Beautiful emotions by shaken natural elements driven through Psychedelic Space Rock of Albone, Italy’s band – Red Sun comprising of Mirco (bass), Fede (drums/synth) and Eno (guitars) provides their instrumental-ism tracks written carefully and progressive to marks your interest towards this releasing via the long night jam of the starry sky carries The Wind, The Waves, The Clouds between violence and intimacy of holy mother earth encouraging hesitation or powers mixed within Holy Mountains or T.J.C.O Wales. Interact us to love this different duration from six minutes and ten seconds to eight minutes and sixteen seconds into Aurora. No popularity needed here except smart imaginations and bolder ideas in track-writings with nevertheless lyrics from humanity not required by the times movements and covered landscape by Waves of Sand … 

As rehearsed in a room by the sound technician recorder Andrea Rew Scansani.