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Hellen Kellers (Independent 2014)

   Gore Grind and Crusty Death Metal really in absolute grin its threat smiling behind the bloody body contacts via thus mosh-pit slamming points of broken bones and tortures themed traditional tricks or classic old-school metallic delivers by explodes from those trio fanatic grinders: Matt Baic (drums/vocals), Mike Kyle (bass/vocals) and Josh Penno (guitars/vocals) St. Catharines – Ontario blasting thus shitty dreams of a slacker’s dirty smells directed identity for sleeping daylight and doing nothing inside the toilet booth; while Shit Liver reigning delivers their extreme Grind-Core crusts in this debut of self-titled album as you might finding it too damn provocative, anti-social and merely, sending good tuning messages to the right generations but eventually, nobody cares about how you penetrating the victims sobriety as a teenage or mature and weak personal to be once again destroyed well pressing by the crusher tracks alike Sooer Livin’, Pennotration, (Friendly Old) Uncle Joe, It’s Not My Problem, Survival of The Shittest, Contribute or Perish as well as Drowning in Shit and Shit Will Prevail gladly, might becoming your proves on soundtrack that leans you to kidnapping and take what you needed around without permission and morals dogma.

Shit Liver: