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Hekas Shut Dance (World Serpent 1994)

   Don’t think that because of the name of the band is Loretta’s Doll means that the formations filled with crazy girls cryptic thoughts but male resurrection brotherhood musical in eclectic and anglo-centric acts fullfil gig during their changes project from the previous one. Mrs. Trumbull is dead and replacing by this contemporaries reputation of the distributes rooted on experimental Gothic scenery of New York meets the Electronic-tunes beat and other choices out which out of the world in form of glockenspiel chapman stick to cheese-slicer guitar crossing medieval instruments as mainly Bryin Dall (vocals, samples, guitars), Kevin Dunn (acoustic and electronic drums), Scott Reiter (synth and engineering) to Kevin Wahlen (chapman stick, 8-strings bass and synths) and lists of additional collaborators sometimes. Jazzy rocked Electronic and Goth-Pop endorse the fluctual beats shrine collaborations within the band’s debut album release on XXI Degrees as torture slow motion voices and monotone tinged tracks themes of mysterious mystical stories written by the group recently – would infiltrates your consciousness deeper down and experimented Industrial Ambient shows something terrifying comes out off the regular music likes I Cry For Nothing, She Screamed (So High), The Farmer’s Daughter onto ‘ (Yod) and Voodoo High. Thus abstraction extracting works of the embedded scary things should be enough on explaining Cat & Mouse in Partnership meant to be in real life as bloodbath behind the shaking hands of fake. 

XXI Degrees: