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Heinous Dirty Diapers (Infinite Illusion Entertainment 2003)

   Once part of the pioneering group of Horrorcore project Sinister X's musical with IcePick Willie, Mr. Kitcha and Meathead to bOb.e Nite re-issuing their released originality from this recording album called Hell Hath No Fury seems to sounded dark like how the previous Sycksyde used to throw to the rest of their followers/listeners and here now as Jesus being condemned by the romans and the jews as a false prophet and the crucifixion was nothing but symbolizing for later on business covered by the best horrific terror messages flowing by the wind to be spread everywhere million miles just like the radish rhythmic on The New Era which slicing, slashing and even torturing souls since then for over these twenty-one tracks of Rap-Horror Classics making secluded senses nearly through ten years as cut the chase and dilemmatic themes via eerie piano play, harmonic beats and free flow wording on I Am Satan, X Vs. God Remix, Tranzform Me, Loti Doti Dee, Something Wicked as well as Mama Smile onto End of The World did much destructive Battlekore Remix (feat. Jubei) and Fatal HeadShots (feat. II Rel) flicking your disgusts focusing the wrath of darkness being once again released upon your sorry-ass lives !

Hell Hath No Fury - The New Era: