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Hasdrubal Attrition (Amputated Vein 2018)

   Central Macedonian of Thessaloniki force of brutal Death metal unit naming themselves Carthage like the mighty kingdom from the ruling Greeks off the northern parts of africa over historic and Punic Wars! themed as Leonidas on all instruments or Phillip on vocals as eerie sounds and exception amazing collective harsh tunes and melodic sounds unique and chunky nice history buff perfect in album as favorite delivery of extreme noise terrors consisted massive songs and desires of the purest and raw description in fast heavy production clarity for the slamming thru Gore-Grind, technical Death Metal and codes of destruction promoting Punic War! The Fields of Zama, Siege of Saguntum and Crossing The Alps or The Battlefield of Cannae and Carthago Delenta Est as raw and brute as the historic ancient tales given away the crushing hear for desire unlimited presents by drumming double pedals wrath and growler doomed to humanity. 

Punic War: