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Hard To Tell (Not On Label 2017)

   Gangsta Rap rhythmic Electronic Trap/Cloud Hip-Hop fusion here arrived with the mini recording or compiled singles and B-Sides for Kill Yourself Part XIII: The Atlantis Saga showing us the hundred of terracotta soldier statues that similar to those guardians of the emperor tombs site inside the forbidden city but this one was taken deep inside the off-shore spot on a secret coordinates and secret ruins that used to be proving for the city of lost civilization of atlantis as $uicideboy$ a.k.a Slick Sloth and Ruby Da Cherry original from New Orleans, Louisiana owning their own label as well as producing their own materials there and you won’t even recognizing Aritos Pertrou and Scott Arceneaux Jr. as two white thrasher rappers whose sending the straight harsh theme via New Chains Same Shackles or the spiritual guide over O’ Lord I Have My Doubts did things exaggerating  as fuck-up situation and guns pointing at each other sided the cars spoiling wounded by society.