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Happy Mine All (Not On Label 2013)

Nope,  they don’t really looked alike Soul Asylum nor sounding like Alternative Pop at all because this self-titled release album from the band called Calliope from Milwaukee, Wisconsin dragging beats on slower groovy driven Psych-Rock Bluesy and Garage Rock a’la Led Zeppelin when they’re a bit drunk recording tunes by the self-written of thus retro influences reaches upon either Miller City Blues or the melodic explosions of La Catalina, dance-able flex off Blue Ribbon Boogie and Woodland Stomp sophomore eerie harmonic pleasant epic sounds that would giving you chills for liking this band earlier.

Amalgamation fuzz and contemporary AOR crossing the Midwest confirmation in Al Kraemer for vocals/organ, Victor Buell IV on guitars, Anthony Smith – bass and Eric Gomoll behind drums cranking the mixture of Country-Rock and Blues as your alternative on locating Milwaukee new musical project performance about to rock you out is here. 

Calliope presents Wild Eye, Penitent Man, Rising Water and Crusade among other songs just for pure rocking hard listening; mastered by Ken Rose recorded by Mike Hoffmann.