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Happy Hour Corrosion (Universal Studios 2013)

   From sci-fi comic to the big screen hilarious but fully adventures and of course, the main duet character with bunch more dummy old-timer high school friends having a prank reunion back home to their boring small town being lied about the leader cool-guy alcoholic Gary King whom successfully dragging his pals Oliver, Peter, Andy as joined by Oliver sister Sam and persuading their dreams on completing the teenage-crawls in Newton Haven to finishing their beer drinking over those twelve only famous pubs there known as the golden mile and estranged friends denies it at first but cannot resisting the sake for their friendships following thus stupid game  from Gary King as Steven whom being affected to Sam since they’re younger romantically trying to signing her signs again but suddenly, between all the silly such nostalgia for being quirky and rebellious to snatching drinks on the outside barred bars and lesser famous for being known by the older bartenders seems cannot stopping these group from doing their plans there at The World’s End as the final pub-place to visit. Picking fights with local teens on a toilet as bashing and brawling but shockingly, knocks the heads and found out that these aren’t human at all but androids realizing then, the entire town already being invaded by more intelligent androids populations even can really become suspicious and replacing Guy their friends with one of those artificial twins on the ninth bar but by the helpful conspiracies theorist local Basil; the group manage to battling out the evil androids wanted to replacing mankind with their own kind while Peter got captured, Gary and Sam escaping after fidning out that Oliver is also an android.
   Various Artists original motion picture soundtrack with best of the UK Indie Rock and Brit-Pop bands total hits like Primal Scream’s Loaded, Suede’s So Young, Do You Remember The First Time ? from Pulp, The Stone Roses, Definition Of Sound as well as some classics and different genre musical performers like The Doors with Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar), Sisters Of Mercy or Soul II Soul filling up the album and funny scary moments off the film where in a secret basement they’re meet the network – leader of this androids with advancing telecommunication and technology wants to end humanity because nobody likes them in this universe and only through androids twins human race can then joining the galactic community bur as the refusal arguable and comments of sarcastic conversations over small fighting erupts; the network got cornered and did its self-destruct but they’re drove away. Electromagnetic pulse triggered the destruction of electrical power setting to dark ages. 
Gary King still being around the pubs bringing his troops of young androids to brawl or having drinks !