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Groove City Detroit (Good Time Gang Recordings 2010)

   KISS would not be too proud for the lists of tons cover-bands and tribute artists noticing to performing their catalogs of hits and legendary tracks without permissions but that’s not the real aspects to argue right here because if you’re a big fans of Ace Frehley, Paul Stanley or even Mr. Simmons then this awesome underrated recording of No More Tomorrow Baby ! A Tribute to KISS – The Rock and Rolled Over Version (produced by Timmy Rodriguez and mastered by Isaac Vander Schuur) won’t just displaying good/strange compositions of the remakes of tracks by the masked rock legends of our times but also having thus cutey chicks in KISS features and plenty bands involving to play something not really the same versions as you used to hear out of any KISS tribute records. Progressive opener for Cold Gin by The Hat Madder may hold your brains on seven minutes more or the punkish ugly on Strutter from Gates of Steel, the great rocking neaty Deuce by The War Machine; Plaster Caster version which is average or The Break-Ups did romantically plain as a b-rated soundtrack theme for Sure Know Something as well as the dreamy Pop-Rock weirdness pulse on Goin’ Blind, the rocking Psycho Circus and Just A Boy’s seminal Goth-Country-Shoegaze for Love Gun as well as other bonuses of all eighteen tracks for the filling up lists here on this record respecting KISS out from these Michigan independent scene community. 

A compilation for the worst weather and lonely nights and a broke-up relationship with a girl named Beth …