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Grave Hope (Not On Label 2014)

   Breakdowns invigorated escorts on chorus parts and slight riffs or solos and neaty drumming but the Thrash Metal/Death/ melodic Hardcore fusion contains heavy guitar shredding; specific category of gore music but not that offensive violence or vulgar displays on fire as Thrash-Core elements bending times for Vagelis Papadopoulos on lead guitars, Andreas Tasiopoulos (guitars/vocals), Tony Alexandris on guitars, Panagiotis Loukaris on bass guitar and Nikitas Mandolas on drums; combining their efforts of orchestral keyboards within harsh-cleansing loud music – hailed from Patra, Greece as Bionic State by Bionic Origin controlling the insects lives by bio-engineering them onto ferocious useful one for sudden hit and run attacks.

Growling for five minutes and five seconds in Bullet of Silver or Rise of The Androids which going to happen very soon with influential ranges grabbing the whole brutality while not let the insects controls us but melodic Death Metal.

Bionic State: