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Gout Trip (Insonitus Records 2014)

   UFO Sightings is a recording project from the Brazilian duo musicians and song-arrangers coming by thus basslines and strong melodies mixtures off providing in highest quality order of the creation for Trance and Progressive darker grooves for public as Rodrigo Aquino and Ricardo Maurao diverse themselves as new identity one under Vimana. Complete consistency and energy bursts for the dance floor style made there within four particles onto sounds serving you the best mysterious beats and themes written by Vimana over Mandalla that come and goes within the duration of almost nine minutes and fourteen seconds or Molecule of Spirit that seems to be a journey into sounds like techno-electro experimenting secrets for nine minutes and seven seconds. 

As abductions will still becoming a mystery to us – one can experience it in a safer way by listening deeper to thus factual UFO Sightings !