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God Bless Hell (Not On Label 2013)

   Awaken up after your sudden pass-out causing by direct something reasons unknown before but then, realizing that you’re naked under the blanket and the entire room’s cold caught your attention immediate as a surgery expert showing up holding the injection needle while your eyes being blinded by the operation room lights while the rest of surrounding test music breaks in as that Progressive Rock and Heavy Metal tunes departure the composing focused sound-system stereo in recording played by Dr. X which are Alba Karry the female lead vocalist, Alex Ertack on guitars, Victor Torrent on drums and Mayer on bass guitar has releasing Meet The Doctor by these five excessive musical instruments performance in high tempos and techniques as well as cranking over good heavy rock music and female hot vocals through Get Injected, Hungry For Metal or One In A Million must be your correct hailing songs anthem for this weekend but not the horror tension brought to by the band from Vilanova I La Geltru, Spain for the worldwide listeners. 

Meet The Doctor: