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Gilak Gambangan (Quadrann Soundscape 2016)

   As the birds flock flown the skies meaning over the instrumental traditional sounds expression via Paksi Ngelayang or Liar Samas that having the linguistic meaning in Balinese language as about four hundred choreographic musical and dancing which all being complied there for The Gamelan Music Of Bali recorded by the Gong Kebyar and other various artists musicians which showing the world how amazing still and always will the paradise island Bali to everyone that welcoming travelers and adventurers and yourself to come by and live on the Balinese way of life by listening to their musical project first. Traditional Hinduism and local heritage based on at most natural relation being build within oneself, neighbour and the realm to universal globe makes the indigenous people of Bali island one of the best cultural behaving and warmth to the tourists and good gentle people loves to see the remarkable culture and traditions which is still genuine as well as the beauty of its surrounding beaches and remote temples among these tracks of music recorded here for lots of audience ears. You and your wife would love it, your children would love it and even your ex-girlfriends already been there or even staying and re-married …

Dreams are made somewhere in Bali as well as the percussions tinged sounds of hesitates, miracles and myth of magic within Lente, Sekar Ginotan to Gamelan Gong Gede – gives us thus mystic force spreading by sparks of the evening dancers smiles under the bamboo candles fire-lights. 

Note: It is spiritually high and mesmerizing hypnotics !