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Ganymede Shores Shtab (Merkaba Music 2015)

   Ryan Whare reveals his awesome talents in the making sin on blending noises and samples and things entwined between Reggae loving to Pop influence to putting more mesmerizing acts in musical project of Ryanosaurus by the releasing thru the panda riding of garudeya creature off fictionally, myths meet futuristic reality images to bare as Ambient/Dubstep Electronic phase been captured your attentions while listening to it as Conscious Comfort  carries more glitches, IDM to experimental of Aussie scenery musical of Electro-Pop. Instrumentals but can communicates to the audience per beats and rhythmic enclosure; the self-written arranging for Sick On Sunday, Slidden, Star Resovoir or Ryanosaurus co-operating system art-making sounds helped by friends like The Ventriloquist rework off Jacob Lindhagen or Dusty Hammers (with Sundog Illionaire), Birth of a Thought (with Dirty Hippy) and Reflection helped in Goat Rodeo means more attractive advance being recorded here while the nature world needs to be healing up from the greed of men by the healing sound of music like this to be supported.

Conscious Comfort: