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Games You Play (Jakarta Records 2013)

   After the spanish' releasing on Check Out Melodee reaching success for local markets as the next term session off My Tape Deck for Cookin’ Soul as ft. MC Melodee still giving their Old School constructed modernity of Jazz fusion and Hip-Hop influences goes smoother and surprisingly extreme but nice to hear by the audience; within more personal ranging and family stories on chopped samples, basslines warmth and compliments drum-beats as for the entire recording multi-sounds for eleven tracks also featuring The Pharcyde & Feliciana over Firstborn onto Ain’t My Style, Exhale, Balance or Night Life feat. Fiend and Think Twice – spreading the messages within thus scratches, lyrics written and producing mixtures as mastered techniques for delivering this good shit as inspiring the past nineties era sounds back to the new millennium scenery. 

My Tape Deck ft. MC Melodee: