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FoxP2 (Dolma Rec/Phantom 2018)

   Luis Filipe Marques Godinho change his characteristic into the flawless force forwarding as DJ Dextro – perhaps, related to the wickedness era for cobra commander system in music department but surely, this tattooed baldy male can sense the future of Electronic Music festivities by mixing his own sampling and arrangement sounds in Techno/Rave/Drum & Bass to House Progressive within purely instrumentals to re-creates this EP technology beats producer via Precog which remarkably puts thus clubber maniacs onto one preferring noise culture music products even it’s just a mini album but in total to scattered the dance-floor and beach-sides and naked pool partygoers for Random or Phosphine among the plenty using of amphetamine or just drunk hard, grabbing girls and boobs and chicks with dicks as well. 

No guaranteed that your night will be turning awesome or worsen by hearing this but one thing for sure here – chicks digging scars and the way you communicates not the charms of stupid science. 

Precog ep: