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Forbi Allt Hopp (Pulverised/Dark Descent 2016)

   Mjolby, Sweden crew on Extreme slaughtered putrefaction in Death Metal/Black Metal blends since the early of two-thousand seven has been one of thus underground names you might never heard of until the discovering on this scary recording releases number four album from Vanhelgd comprising on Mattias Frisk, Jimmy Johansson, Jonas Albrektsson, Bjorn Andersson or Viktor Gustafsson had paying the coins to crossing the river of death decaying murky dark water into Temple Of Phobos as the dead soul sent by the carrier grim reaping later onto the underworld layers of hell-pit like but before that one must travel to find their own ways to be lost inside the maze of mage of Death Metal through the deranged tracks off Lamentation of The Mortals, Gravens Lovsang or Rebellion of The Inquitious, Den Klentrognes Klagan and the ending of Rejoice In Apathy – all crushing came sounded by thus high techniques relates to Death N’ Roll fusion sounding. 

Head bang until your time comes and embracing thus dark-warmth welcoming last breath into the next level of cycle extremities ! 

Temple Of Phobos: