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F_Lut (Atrophic Society 2018)

   Andre Ruello’s Material Object doing to its materials arranged and written tunes for the blending of Ambient/Electronic/Psychedelic and Techno out of Volgograd, Russia entirely, towards the unstoppable eternity on beats and groove vibes carried within Cwejack – the recording release mini album. Not that infamous but still getting famous in Japan world or half both halves concluded via the digital in between 2013 to the two years later finishing as available strangely as your non-comparable distinctive audio objective materials on these three songs mixes that having duration for either six minutes to seven minutes longer right outside your wish-list box to have a monotonous rhythmic measuring noises.

Just when one just touching the moment where once hearing the music project dragging by the attraction from thus cover artwork mysterious skull-head thingy proves that you already stepping in the fifth dimension gate while listening to the opener before the second song – Grindr even goes popping in burst.