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Florida Scars (Relapse Records 2018)

   Reminiscent colorful soaring trademarks as North Carolina rocker riff-age making with producer Matt Hyde (Deftones, Slayer, Monster Magnet) fits the entire plan in the making of infectious hooks and accessibility centric of Southern-fried blends in chops or bashed vocals by the melodious tuning self-written songs/lyrics from ASG featuring Jason Shi – guitars/vocals, Andy Ellis on bass guitar, Scott Key behind the drums and Jonah Citty on guitars bringing their coast-lines devising fisted driving guitars and rhythms-section thru this distortion driven completing their Wrightsville Beach communion sect of Heavy Metal tunes over the beefy shredding, abrasiveness density and the influential taken from Fu Manchu, CKY and psychedelic backgrounds displaying the nude mistress cult-healer standing up in front of thus pagan altar as the songs blast harder for Survive Sunrise through Execution Thirst, Up From My Dreams, Hawks on The Run, Kubrick Colors and Weekend Money to those more pig-screaming crazy sacrifice tales over Lamb Song.

Survive Sunrise: