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Flaneur Solvent (Gringo/Hello Thor 2013)

   James Finley and Theresa Wrigley forming their duet group – Fists as bunch of collective musicians also helping them play which by pluralism rules these Indie Rock package unit must not turning things to be exactly, fantastic in miraculous seconds but whether those blurred photograph captures which looks like an abandoned playground for kids symbolizing how far this millennium distance for educating children to attractively, interested to touch their real inner beliefs over nature or outdoors while most people kept themselves inside their cocoon while playing games or addiction for gadget and internet connections rather than connecting to other people to at least, talk. 

Like a ghost of Phantasm album; track-listed songs here predicts and tells the shorter version on fully harmony as the grasp of hauling breath of the dying society rocking the outfit by depression disclaimer and foreign helps in form of debts which cannot be easily erased for generations to pay the price but simple things rejected among titles like Cockatoo Redux, Wasted, New Clothes, Big Wave and Yr Glove remotely, touching the self-inflicting of warning alerts soon to be blared loud for the earth too late to turning back, forgetting to Try.