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Filthy Pig (AnalogueTrash 2017)

   Nashville based maestro Electronic of Tennessee darker forefront inceptions by movement currently bringing experiences of wealth expertise table in slices brooding original reminder you of the battles of good and evil as monsters living inside you sometimes can erupting cautious offering over lost and desperate rather than hope as the messages brought within all music/vocals provided by the production and mixing mastered from Gerald Josef and Jason Thomas with Bret Pembleton on this inner stop-pits of black and white futuristic face-paints via Are We Lost ? questioning as well as PreCog struggles melodic Synth-Pop to Electro-beats soft blends describing the meaning of Left in The Earth, Feast, Little Fragments, The Game, Give It Away, Dig In or Breathe under thus Broken Sun slowly vanishing faded as humanity once again screaming for help but the helps didn’t come anymore from above or below as well as the surrounding space in between scattered by the anti-christ music program …

Are We Lost: