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Fenris (No Fashion/Avantgarde 1996)


   The darker-rites underground grandchildren of the giant children bred ruling the earth for once quite sometimes mixture within paganism roots, basic occultism and advance darkness themed lyrics shall embarks the explosive eruptions over Black Metal classical sound tuning from the maker of noise destruction via Sweden’s crew Throne Of Ahaz which considering for vocalist leader Beretorn, Niklas Svensson on shredding guitars and Taurtheim the bass/lyrics writer on their recording number two of full length album On Twilight Enthroned that goes for thrity-seven minutes and forty-three seconds long tells us about many crushing horror and tales of the doomsday related – both past and presents to the near future within The Forlorn, With Shadow Wings, Where Veils of Grief are Dancing Slow and Let Blood Paint The Ground or Blackthorn Crown … mysteriously, blasting break bones and gnawing faces of the audience those getting too damn closer to the stage as hidden secrets of the occult organizations shall never reveals quite effective because nobody is certain about the devils and gods and demonic presence or holy ghost touches which all connected to old worshiping of deity that has no name dwelling in the light and dark.

PS. Black Sabbath’s cover might as well giving bloodshed ritual over your Halloween basement offering towards the neighbors daughters and wives for good this year.

On Twilight Enthroned: